Garhwal known as "Dev Bhoomi" The Land of God and has always been associated with spirituality, temples, pilgrimage, holy shrines and mountain tourism. The whole land of garhwal is always alive and vibrates with the music of chiming bells, bathing people at various Ghats, chanting of Hymns, song of local folks during festivals and fairs. 
Most of the temples in Garhwal are associated with some Puranic or Mahabharata story. There is no specific pattern to the construction of these temples and most of them are devoted to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Kali and Nanda Devi along with the temples of local gods and goddesses. The history of Garhwal  is older  than  that  of the Ramayan and Maha- bharata. In earliest times, Garhwal was known as Kedarkhand, or the region of Kedarnath. Scriptural texts mention a number of tribes that inhabited the region, such as the Sakas, the Nagas, Khasas, Hunas and Kiratas.
Garhwal is a truly paradise on earth, allures everyone from everywhere. The fresh air, the pure water, the chilling snow, the adversing mountains, the scenic beauty, the small villages, the simpler people and a tougher lifesytle is what that distinguishes Garhwal from rest of the world. It's a paradise for adventure lover also. High Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Kamet, Trishul, Kedarnath, Thailya Sagar, Satopanth, Shivling etc. & Passes attaracts mountineer / Trekkers for climbing and high Altitude trekking. It has world's best River for rafting & kyaking, GANGA, which is worshipped as Maa (Mother) in India.
Lamkhaga Pass Trek, A Beautiful & Thrilling Journey.....

Without any delay we started our 185 km long road journey to Uttarkashi. It was a trip after a short period when Uttarakhand witnessed flood devastation in the month of June. The roads were badly affected in almost region of the state. I was scared and surprised how driver was driving our cab on such narrow, damaged & treacherous roads. But the stunning view of deep gorge, greenish mountains, fresh & cool air and Scenic drive along the Bagirathi River vitalize me.

High Altitude Trekking
Panpatia Col Trek
Auden's Col Trek
Lamkhaga Pass Trek
Mandani Valley Trek
Mayali Pass Trek
Nandi Kund Trek
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Panwali Kantha Trek
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Bhavishya Badri
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पनपतिया ग्लेशियर यात्रा वृतांत

आज आसमान बिल्कुल साफ नीला नजर आने लगा, और रास्ता कठिनतम होने जा रहा था। मौसम अगर इसी तरह साथ दे तो हम लोग जल्दी ही अपने अगले पडाव तक पहुंच जायेंगे। इस आस के साथ हम लोग पहले ही धंटे में एक शिला समुद्र से होते हुए चौखम्भा पर्वत के नीचे दक्षिण में एक पहाडी पर चढने लगे कि बलवंत ने हमें रूकने का इशारा कर दिया हम लोग शायद गलत दिशा से बढने लगे थे। बलवंत भी नीचे आ गया और हम लोग फिर से नीचे लगभग आधा किमी0 उतरने के बाद फिर से पहाडी के दक्षिणी ढाल पर पूर्व की ओर एक गलियारे की ओर चढने लगे। लगभग 16500 फीट पर सिथत यह पास हमारे पिछली रात की कैम्प साइट से साफ नजर आता है। इस चटटानी गलियारे को पार करने पर एक और पास नजर आता है, ..........यात्रा वृतांत

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